About us

Fashion à la Marie Claire : passion, talent and totally with women

Saint-Hyacinthe 1965: a young entrepreneur decides to launch a chain of women’s clothing boutiques. When it was time to find a name for his business, the choice was easy the banner would be named after his muse, who is also his wife and business partner: Marie Claire. 

Fast forward more than 50 years; skirt lengths have changed a thousand times, but the brand’s mission remains the same, i.e. to create on-site in Montreal ultra-feminine fashion inspired by both European trends and the North-American lifestyle.

With 67 boutiques across Eastern Canada, compelling and continually renewed collections, and a team fuelled by passion, Marie Claire Boutiques year in year out rise to the challenge of creating stylish apparel and accessories that make women shine. 

From work outfits, casual weekend garments, to girls’ night out apparel and special occasion attires, the Marie Claire label swathes the body and entices the heart.

Marie Claire Stores: a tribute to local women by homegrown designers.